How to find good .COM Domain Names in 2014

httpIn 2014 you can still find domain names available for registration that are;

  • Short – Under 9 characters / two words / a new made up word
  • Memorable
  • Pronounceable
  • Brandable
  • Won’t be available for much longer!

Based on current thoughts within the SEO industrty, it is highly recommended to register a .COM if you want to do business worldwide or a ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domain) such as (Australia) (United Kingdom) and (New Zeland) if you are primarily doing business within that region.

Here are some resources to help find the .COM for you next million dollar idea:

Find unregistered domains – my personal favorite! You can type in a word you like and get the site to add words to the start or end to find nice and easy two word domain names. Or even use letters to create new words….  like “ed”, “eer”, “ly” at the end of words and let it search for combos that put real words in front of those letters. The key here is to get creative and you might find the next gem of a brand. I’ve recently found some gorgeous 6 letter dot coms that can be pronounced easily and easy to remember.

BustAName – great site for finding new made up words or word-hack .com domains. – is another great resource for finding domain names that relate to your keywords. Type in 2 or more keywords and it will use your words and similar words to find suitable combinations available to register. – is the fastest way to check if domains are available! It searches almost as fast as you type.

Another way is to just sit there and brainstorm new words that sound ok and can be easily spelled. Then punch them in one-by-one and see if you get lucky. Remember the shorter the better, the easier to remember the better and all letters (no numbers and other strange characters) is recommended.

Buy an expired domain name

This is risky if you are not an expert, so best to avoid. For those that are experts you already know what your doing. I will endeavour to write a full blown article on the best practices to pick up valuable expired domain names next week..

Buy a registered domain from the owner

Get the whois information of the owner and email an offer of a reasonable amount as per the domains worth and what your budget can handle. For instance, don’t offer someone a paltry $50 for a good one word .com that may be worth much more than $1000. Start with a reasonable offer and see where you go from there.

You can check the sites such as for recent sales of domains to get a feel for what they are selling for. 

Update : Buy a Domain Name from a Brandable Domain Marketplace!

There have been a few Brandable Domain Marketplaces launch during 2013. These platforms offer Entrepreneurs a chance to buy a short, memorable and most importantly brandable .com Domain Name. The sites are setup in a way which makes browsing for your next company name fun. Each .com has a professionally designed logo attached to it, which is also included in the price of the domain. The most reputable marketplaces only feature .com domains and I’ve found a few interesting ones below.

BrandBucket – The original Brandable Marketplace.

BustABrand – A new Boutique Premium Brandable .com Store for Entrepreneurs on a budget.

Namerific – Another large Marketplace with some super premium & expensive .com’s


However you discover your next name to use for your product or company, I hope the above information helps you get the .com domain to go with it. If you think I’ve missed something or have any further resources please share them in the comments below.

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