How to Attract Successful (Busy) People to your Online Platform

Time-meetingIf you are planning to start an online platform that could be boosted with successful yet very busy business people joining up, how do you stand a chance to get these time-poor stars to sign up as a member to the service you’re offering?

For example, let’s say you want to start a niche crowd funding site focusing on ‘Launching Mobile App Projects’ through crowd funding. So you get a nice easy-to-use site online, spread the word and before you know it you have loads of wannabe app superstars signing up to have a shot at producing their dream iPhone game. These guys just need some cash to become millionaires! (and lots of guidance). After some good PR write ups of your site in various news outlets, the site has quite a lot of potential small personal investor members. Things are looking good, or are they?

Where crowd funding seems to have its biggest weakness is in the lack of support, mentors or angel investors who not only provide capital but priceless mentoring and advice along the way. These people are probably the most valuable to the ongoing business model of the site, as they will increase the chance of creating highly successful projects that in turn will create more good PR for the site.

The problem lies in that these busy bodies are the hardest people to attract as most are extremely busy and not begging to give their time away without something significantly appealing in return. There is a way to attract these people to your platform and the strategy I detail below will also have many of these hard-to-access gold mines recommend their successful associate to join up too!

Strategy: Exclusivity with Benefits

It’s reasonably straight forward, but can work wonders if implemented correctly. I was inspired to write about this strategy after reading about’s story of how they will differentiate themselves from other crowd funding platforms. They detailed their strategy in the article (link below), which entailed establishing an exclusive “suit” level of membership. In order to be eligible for this prized status, a suit must “hold a higher education degree from an accredited university and provide proof of that diploma, have some certification or accreditation and provide proof, or you have to be verified by three other existing “suits” on the platform.” The benefits of acquiring this type of membership include; “A “suit” is rewarded with access to invest in entrepreneurial projects being launched on before the public does. The “suits” portion of CrowdIt will launch in approximately one week.”

Read more on’s “suit” strategy

I love the idea of exclusivity of the “suits” membership and the additional benefits it gives the potential mentors. This exclusivity with benefits idea is a fantastic strategy to attract busy people or highly paid people to the arena. By giving them special access to projects before the public, they receive the incentive for their precious time.

More strategies to come… (stay tuned)

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